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Locksmith Service Baltimore MD Baltimore, MD 410-874-1099Before 1995, it was comparatively easy for thieves to “hotwire” cars to steal them. The introduction of transponder keys has changed all that, however. Embedded with computer chips, cars have become much more difficult to steal. Almost all popular car manufacturers – like BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford – use this technology in their cars.
If you’re based in Baltimore, MD and you need a new transponder key, Locksmith Service Baltimore MD ’s experienced locksmiths can make one for you. We are professional automotive locksmiths that have been in business for almost a decade – you can trust us to make high-quality, high-security car keys at affordable prices. 

How do transponder keys work?

Transponder keys have a plastic fob on them that contains an embedded chip. This chip is programmed with a unique ID which corresponds to the ID contained on the built-in onboard car computer. When you insert the key into the ignition switch, it will deactivate immobilizers to allow the car to start – provided the ID code matches the one in your car. Some of the newer systems use rolling IDs that change with every use, which ads an extra layer of security to the whole setup. All these measures make it very difficult – if not impossible – to steal cars by using duplicate keys or by hotwiring.

Transponder key replacements – why are they expensive?

First of all, it takes a special computer to program the chip in the key. Secondly, it takes expensive machinery to reproduce high-security keys – sometimes computer operated machinery is required. Not everyone has the equipment necessary to create high-quality keys – usually only the car manufacturers and car dealers have it. All these factors drive up the cost of car keys.

The Auto locksmith for all your transponder key needs!

If you require a new car key, our experienced locksmiths can make you one. We have all the equipment necessary to make you a precisely replicated key in a handful of minutes. If you try to get a transponder key made from your dealer, you usually have to wait for extended periods of time and they can charge you a lot of money for it. With us, you get an affordable service and a high-quality key at an affordable price. We can also reprogram your old key, if necessary, or replace a fallen-off key fob with a new one.

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