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Are you looking into getting a master key system installed for your property? If you’re based in the Baltimore, MD region, you can contact Locksmith Service Baltimore MD. We are a professional locksmith service that has been active in the local community for a number of years. During that time, we have installed a range of high-security master key systems for organizations big and small, including universities, schools, condos, homes, and commercial buildings. 

When do you need a master key system?

There are several scenarios where you might need a master key system. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • You don’t want to handle a bunch of keysLocksmith Service Baltimore MD Baltimore, MD 410-874-1099
    Usually, a building has a number of doors with unique locks on them. If you want access to every area of the building, you need to carry a large number of heavy keys with you, and then you need to spend time finding the right key for the lock before you. With a master key system, you can open all the locks on your property with a master key, or a number of locks with a sub-master key. 
  • You want to control access to sections of your property
    Sometimes you may want to provide people access to certain areas of the building and bar access to other areas. For example, the employees in a shop might need access to all parts of your building except your office. By getting this system installed, you can give them sub-master keys to the rest of your building and use a master key yourself. 
  • You want to improve security in your building
    It is difficult to maintain tight security in some buildings, especially where a lot of people come and go. This system can reduce the pressure on the door guards and boost the security on the premises. You will also be able to keep nosey employees from going into places they shouldn’t be going into. 

How do master keys work? 

A master key is capable of opening all the locks on your property. These locks have two sets of mechanism – one set can be opened by the master key and the other set by a sub-master key. However, the sub key can only open a certain number of locks installed in the building.

If you’re not sure whether your building needs such a system, our locksmiths can take a look at your property and tell you if you qualify.  

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