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We all need new keys once a while, perhaps because we’ve lost our old keys, we need new ones for backup, our keys are old, or simply because we want to share our property with family members or friends. For professional key cutting services in the Baltimore, MD region, you can contact Locksmith Service Baltimore MD. We provide high-quality duplicate keys at affordable prices. Unlike other services, we don’t make you wait for hours on end (or sometimes days) to make you new keys either. We can copy keys for homes, businesses, and cars. 

Why opting for a hardware store is a bad idea?

Many hardware stores promise “quick” key cutting services. Instead, they make you wait for hours on end to hand you your new keys. Some hardware stores don’t have the machines necessary to reproduce high-security transponder keys. Also, you don’t know if the locksmith you’re hiring can deliver what they’re promising or if they’re using the right kind of materials for the job. 

Make the smart choice: Choose Locksmith Service Baltimore MD

Key cutting experts:Locksmith Service Baltimore MD Baltimore, MD 410-874-1099

Our locksmiths have been cutting keys for around a decade now. They can make you keys for all kinds of locks, including home, business, and car locks. 

Quality matters:

We specialize in crafting precision, high-quality keys that you won’t have to replace any time soon. Our materials are top-grade, and we use suitable tools – including expensive machines – to make you new ones. 

Onsite key cutting:

You don’t have to drop off your keys at your hardware store if you hire us. Our mobile locksmith vans provide doorstep key cutting service. We will pick up your keys and use the machine in our vans to make you new ones on-site. 

24/7 service

If you ever need keys made in a hurry, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a 24/7 key cutting service exactly for situations like that. Our locksmiths will arrive at your location within 30 minutes of you calling us, most of the times. We can reach even the most remote areas of Baltimore with little trouble.

New car keys

Transponder keys are difficult to make, because they have a chip embedded in them that has to be programmed by a computer. If the chip doesn’t have an ID code that matches the one in your car, the car’s immobilizer won’t disengage and your car won’t start. These computers are usually only found with car manufacturers and dealers. We have the equipment necessary, though, to cut car keys on-site. 

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